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Leasing or Financing

There are benefits to both. Let Montmorency Ford help you make an informed decision.

Financing the retail purchase of a car or truck means you agree to pay for the vehicle over the life of the finance contract plus any interest on the loan. You can make a down payment or trade-in your existing vehicle to reduce the monthly payment.

There are several advantages to financing your vehicle. You can buy a new vehicle before you have cash for the entire purchase price. Your cash can remain invested or available for other purchases.

Which option is better for you?

Buying Leasing
How many kilometres per year do you drive? 25,000 or more Up to 25,000
Will you be modifying the vehicle such as speakers, alarm, different paint colors? Yes No
Would you like to extend your payments over a long period of time, like 5 years? Yes No
Do you want a cash or resale value in your investment? Yes No

If you know that your lifestyle includes driving well over 25,000 kilometres per year, then buying may be a better financial option for you.

Unlike a leased auto, you may change the appearance of your vehicle at any time if you own it. Whether you decide to change the interior or exterior of your car by installing new speakers or changing paint colors, you're free to alter it as often as you wish.

If you know you will subject your vehicle to rough treatment, buying could be the best option for you.